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Movie Review: Believe Me

Believe Me is a sharp, thoughtful film about a group of college students who start a fraudulent ministry. When Sam (Alex Russell) sees how willingly Christian congregations will part with their money, he devises a fake charity and recruits his three frat brothers, Pierce (Miles Fisher), Tyler (Sinqua Wallace) and Baker (Max Adler). There is Continue reading

Your Weekend Viewing: The Ocean Brothers

Some nicely-done underwater photography. No VFX needed. [via CPN] UPDATED 8 Oct 2014 with new YouTube link. (Original Vimeo link pulled down.)

Making the Movie: The First Decade

Ten years ago I started this website to chronicle a film project I was producing. The project never got off the ground, but the website has continued. Big round numbers like this seem like they need commemorating. So… yeah. Thanks for reading. I’ll keep writing and making movies; you do the same.

Your Wednesday Links: The YouTube Reboot Edition

Most of these links come from the @makingthemovie Twitter stream. If you’d like to see them as they come, follow us on Twitter. Fast Company: Rebooting YouTube – A profile of new head Susan Wojcicki and her strategy of promoting ‘home-grown’ YouTube stars. TechCrunch: Netflix Is Available In France, But It Still Needs Work – Continue reading

Movie Review: Honeymoon

Fresh review of a Magnet release from a friend who goes by the name Robert Ditzenburger. Enjoy. –JO * * * Honeymoon begins with two newlyweds, Bea (Rose Leslie) and Paul (Harry Treadaway), telling stories of their romance into the camera lens of a wedding videographer. We then cut directly to their secluded honeymoon on Continue reading

Avid Error of the Day: Invalid argument, filename:/Volumes…

When I encounter an odd error message and its solution, I make a note. This is one of those notes. I want solutions to turn up better in searches for other Avid users (and myself). As with all error posts on the site, the casual reader can just skip ahead to other less-technical content. Exception: Continue reading

Your Wednesday Links: What You Put Your Camera On

Most of these links come from the @makingthemovie Twitter stream. If you’d like to see them as they come, follow us on Twitter. THINGS TO PUT YOUR CAMERA ON: An Ode to Steadicams (Kottke) – CandyCam: A New Aerial Rig (Kickstarter) – Build Your Own C-Stand (No Film School) Apple Insider: Apple updates pro-level video Continue reading

Your Weekend Listening & Viewing: Pop Culture Podcasts & Hyperlapse Stop-Motion Techniques

NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour had an excellent discussion of the effects of movie ratings on the types of movies that get made. You don’t often think about it, but the small group of people who give movie ratings are a big determining factor in the types of language, violence, and sexuality that is considered Continue reading

What did Jorge Luis Borges say about Citizen Kane?

He called Orson Welles’ directorial debut a “work of genius” — but with a some caveats… It is little known that the famous, blind Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges was, for a time, a film reviewer. (This was in the late 1930’s and early 40’s, before he went blind.) I’ve been reading a rather obscure Continue reading

Your Weekend Viewing: Analysis of Snowpiercer

The analysis can get a very film-school pedantic at times, but I tend to agree with overall gist: Snowpiercer uses the tools of film storytelling to create heart-pounding entertainment whilst also having a strong point of view about the global class system. In my opinion, until you’ve seen Snowpiercer, you should skip Guardians of the Continue reading

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