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Your Tuesday Links: Post-Oscars Edition

The critics at SlashFilm podcast had a nice wrap up. It includes a link to an article by Sound of Music on why it runs Hollywood.

Other post-mortems... Deadline's Pete Hammond. Variety's Four Big Lessons. Hollywood Reporter's David Rooney. Steve Pond at The Wrap. And last but never least, Price Peterson's gif extravaganza.

James Gunn on Bradley Cooper's snub

Variety: The story behind on Imitation Game writer Graham Moore's moving acceptance speech

Quora: Advice on how to market a low-budget film

Filmmaker mag: A profile of Kubrick d.p. John Alcott

The New Yorker: Rethinking Hollywood's seasonal blockbuster strategy and Anthony Lane reviews 50 Shades of Grey

Cinapse profiles native indie Winter in the Blood

Target ends their UltraViolet movie service. Which UltraViolet service is next?

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Your Wednesday Links: LEGO My Oscar Edition

Most of these links come from the @makingthemovie Twitter stream. If you'd like to see them as they come, follow us on Twitter.

Fast to Create: Devo frontman and Lego Movie composer Mark Mothersbaugh on being a great collaborator

Film School Rejects: Could the 2014 Academy Awards Ceremony Be the Most Controversial Ever? - The author has a broad definition of controversy, but still a nice preview of the horse race.

Mean Melin on the Wilt Chamberlain movie Jayhawkers - Made by lots of the folks I worked with on Bunker Hill. Here's a link to the premiere info from @StephenDeaver.

Movie Morlocks: Divorce American Style - Nice essay on the peculiar subgenre of screwball re-marriage comedies

Hollywood Reporter: 'Dallas Buyers Club,' 'Wolf of Wall Street' Writers Reveal Their Writing Process, Biggest Challenges

EOSHD: Which 4K camera for the masses? GH4 vs Blackmagic Production Camera

Tessman fisks the Final Draft Scriptnotes interview

Typeset in the Future: Stanley Kubrick's 2001 font choices - Everything you wanted to know and probably more about the fonts used in the film. Kubrick was well-known for being a font obsessive and it shows in his films and his film fans.

Stay, little Valentine - Matt Zoller Seitz on Phillip Seymour Hoffman

“Sometimes I’m working on a film and someone will ask me if I’m having fun. And I’m tempted to tell them the truth: No, absolutely not. Having no fun here at all. You know what’s going to be fun? When it’s done, and I’ve done a fuckin’ good job, and I know people are getting something out of that. I’ll have a lot of fun then. A ton of it.” - Phillip Seymour Hoffman

List of Film Collaboration Websites - added hitREC0RD
Sound Equipment for Indies - added the Zoom H4n and H6 recorders

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Your Wednesday Links: Twitter Tips for Indies

Most of these links come from the @makingthemovie Twitter stream. If you'd like to see them as they come, follow us on Twitter.

Craft Truck: 10 Tips for Indie Filmmakers on Twitter

TheUncool: Almost Famous Revisited

The Wrap: How ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ Overcame Disney’s Resistance to a Movie About Disney

MovieMorlocks: 10 Films You Will Likely Never See from 2013

Hurlbut Visuals: Accessorizing Your 1DC for Cinematic Capture

Hollywood Reporter: Oscars: '12 Years,' 'Gravity' and the Perils of Being an Early Frontrunner

Bleeding Cool: Poster Quotes From People Who Aren't Even Pretending To Have Seen The Film

Editor Thelma Schoonmaker at a Wolf of Wall Street talkback: "Improv is hard because you end up with bad cuts. But we will always go with bad cuts rather than lose a great performance."

List of Streaming Movie Outlets - Added Warner Archive Instant

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Wednesday Links: Eat Your Heart Out, David Fincher

Most of these links come from the @makingthemovie Twitter stream. If you'd like to see them as they come, follow us on Twitter. Rare Home Movies Show Charlie Chaplin Directing a Scene That Took a Staggering 342 Takes to Get Right - "Eat your heart out, David Fincher." Why Do Movie Studios Keep Churning Out Dumb Character Posters?

Filmmaker IQ: Create Light Smears and Leaks with a Sandwich bag

Richard Brody for The New Yorker: The problem with sex scenes that are too good

Digital Films: A guide to the stages of film editing

SSN Insight: ‘The Best Man Holiday’ & the ROI of African-American Comedies

IndieWire: Who Really Created The 'Inception' BRAAAM? Composer Mike Zarin Sets The Record Straight

Message to Studios & Retailers: Content Exclusives Have Gotten Out of Hand - Home video guru Bill Hunt is right about this. In general, many of these marketing gambits are short-sighted. The studios would have better building a long-term reputation for fan service.

EOSHD: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera gets raw!

Slate tics off the homages in Wes Anderson's new short film / Prada ad - And here's the link to the corrected version of the short. Speaking of Wes Anderson...

Alex Buono | HOW WE DID IT: SNL – “The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders” - See also... Making the Gravity Trailer Parody Alfonso Cuarón’s “IKEA”

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Your Wednesday Links: Everything You Wanted to Know About Gravity

Most of these links come from the @makingthemovie Twitter stream. If you'd like to see them as they come, follow us on Twitter.

The Alfonso Cuarón-directed and co-written riff on Marooned (1969) continues to be the topic du semaine. Whether it is the visual effects, the sound, the music, the science (or stretching thereof), there is a post or featurette for your needs.

Also, a conversation as to how the ending of the film should be interpreted has already begun. Josh Dickey at The Wrap has a spoiler-filled speculation.

Not quite viral marketing for Carrie - A telekinetic coffee shop prank. I can't help thinking this would have been better without the film clip and title at the end. Let it actually be viral.

Scouting NY: The 10 Most Dangerous Places in New York City - In time for Halloween, an annotated tour of New York via spooky movies

No Film School: Roundup of early footage from the Digital Bolex D16

Vulture: Profile of Spike Jonez and the Making of Her - Reveals that Samantha Morton originally played the Scarlett Johansson voice role live on set.

Vashi Visuals nominates some pages from Spies Like Us as the best two pages of screenwriting ever.

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." -- Walt Disney

A List of Film Collaboration Websites - Added several new players in the web distribution field.

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Your Wednesday Links: Magic Feather Syndrome

Most of these links come from the @makingthemovie Twitter stream. If you'd like to see them as they come, follow us on Twitter.

Luke Epplin on 'Magic Feather Syndrome' - The Atlantic writer takes on the cult of self-esteem in recent animated films. This jibes with Pajiba's review of Planes.

HeyUGuys: Neill Blomkamp Interview - The Elysium writer/director always starts his projects with images in his head.

BFI: Five essential films of Satyajit Ray

FilmmakerIQ: Billy Wilder’s Ten Rules of Filmmaking - An oldie but a goodie. For more screenwriting advice, check out this interview with Robert Towne.

Schedules for D23 from Aug 3 to Aug 12 showing Disney removed mention of new Star Wars news.Germain Lussier of SlashFilm has a well-rounded look at the controversy surrounding Disney's failure to announce any Star Wars news at the D23 Disney fan convention. As you can see, to the right, they didn't even fix the comma when they removed "LucasFilm".

SlashFilm: Max Landis Explains His ‘Chronicle’ Sequel's Demise - Evidence that, more difficult than getting an original project produced in Hollywood, is convincing the studios to make a creatively daring sequel

IndieWire: Film History Nerds Rejoice! Old Film Journals and Mags Now Searchable for Everyone

Filmmaker Magazine: The tyranny of high definition memory - An interesting essay exploring the creation of a new vocabulary in editing.

Onion: Corpses of 'Lone Ranger' Producers Hung From Hollywood Blvd. Street Lights As Warning To Others

Supporting actors aren't the only ones who support actors. D.P.'s light for emotion. Composers score it. And the editor creates the performance out of the actor's raw material.

Tax Credits for Filmmakers - Good new link at the bottom.

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Your Wednesday Links: Fire The Story Artist And Fire Up Amazon Storyteller?

Amazon Storyteller screenshotMost of these links come from the @makingthemovie Twitter stream. If you'd like to see them as they come, follow us on Twitter.

Deadline: Amazon Studios Launches Amazon Storyteller; Free Program Transforms Scripts Into Storyboards - I think this will be a really cool tool for indies who A) can't draw, B) don't have access to people who can draw, and C) can't afford to hire someone, anyone who can draw. This will not replace true story artists, but it might knock out some of the market for clip-art storyboarding programs. Also, Filmmaker mag explores Storyteller and some alternatives.

IndieWire: At Long Last: The Definitive Version of "At Long Last Love" - The unbelievable story of how an editor Peter Bogdanovich never met created a secret cut of his 1975 musical, and how Bogdanovich found out, and loved it. You can also hear Bogdanovich tell it himself on this week's episode of The Business. You'll also hear Bogdanovich's three lessons from his career: 1) Don't sue the studio. 2) Don't distribute your movie yourself. 3) Don't start talking about how much you love somebody.

AICN: "So Brad Pitt has a really manly handshake & WORLD WAR Z is a helluva movie!!!" - Early rave review for the film with a troubled production. Truly, no one geeks out like Harry Knowles geeks out.

LATimes: Finding the connection between Google searches, movie box office - and you can download Google's study directly here

Marginal Revolution dissects the decline of interest in female film stars

Laughing between takes - A gallery of behind-the-scenes convivial moments

Two recent projects profiled here have successfully funded on Kickstarter: Wish It, Inc. and Know How -- which is still raising funds through the 20th.

Review of Much Ado About Nothing directed by Joss Whedon - added link to great interview with d.p. Jay Hunter.

I have a theory most people see their lifetime favorite movie between the ages of 9-17. After you become an adult, you'll never fall as hard for a film. Am I wrong?

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Your Wednesday Links: Dear Ang Lee

An Open Letter to Ang Lee From VFX Artist Phillip Broste - Powerful, a must read.

BadAss Digest: Don’t Order HOLY MOTORS On VOD!

Vanity Fair: Oral History of the Making of Pulp Fiction

Paul Schrader: Film undergoing ‘total systemic change’

Hollywood Reporter: Complete List of Oscars Winners - Most of the post-Oscars articles have focused on the host, Seth Macfarlane (negative) or Best Original Screenplay winner Django Unchained (surprisingly). For example, this.

Day-Lewis Reveals His True Feelings: While I'm Glad I Won, I Personally Believe Abraham Lincoln Deserved To Die

Verge: 'Inocente' makes history as first Kickstarter-funded film to win Oscar

To reader Cameron C for donating to the site! Donations like this are great encouragement for me with my long term plans to create and maintain resources pages for filmmakers like the DSLR Filmmaking Lenses Guide.

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Your Wednesday Links: Do Box Office Numbers Mean Anything Anymore?

Most of these links come from the @makingthemovie Twitter stream. If you'd like to see them as they come, follow us on Twitter.

Peter Bart at Variety (finally) asks 'Does being No. 1 count for anything anymore?' - A longtime hobby horse of mine, the idiotic 'horse race' reporting on apples-to-oranges box office figures. Although his model oversimplifies, read Dustin Rowles on 'Ten Movies Released in 2012 That You Had No Idea Were Hugely Profitable Successes.

Stanley Kubrick, the Elephantine Termite - Matt Singer at IndieWire explains how Kubrick trascends Farberian film criticism

"The Best Ending to an Obituary Ever" - No spoilers on this one. Read the whole obit of this Welshman. It's short. (via @DanielPink via @digg)

Presidents in movies: An infographic - No one has made movies about Warren G Harding, James Buchanan or John Tyler? Poor guys.

Bleeding Cool: Behind The Lies Of The ‘Skyfall: See It In IMAX’ Advertising Campaign - tl;dr You are getting more sky and more fall than the filmmakers intended.

SkyFall + Lincoln = SlaveFall - An original trailer mashup from An introduction to mic types and how they work

Filmmaker IQ: Right-handed people sit to the right of the movie screen to optimize neural processing of the film

The director, the cinematographer, the production designer, the costume designer -- all rely on an editor, just as much as any actor does, to hide their mistakes. Movie editing, like carving marble, is mostly a subtractive art.

List of Film Collaboration Websites - Completely reorganized, with Scripped and Yekra added.
Movie Review: Beasts of the Southern Wild - added link to a great KCRW interview with director Benh Zeitlin

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Your Wednesday Links: The Brain Chemicals of Storytelling

Most of these links come from the @makingthemovie Twitter stream. If you'd like to see them as they come, follow us on Twitter.

Brain Pickings: The Neurochemistry of Empathy, Storytelling, and the Dramatic Arc - The graphic in the image shows exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and denoument as being of equal length. But rising action should be most of story.

Pajiba: The 50 Worst Opening Weekends of All Time, Adjusted for Inflation

The Onion: Hope In Students' Eyes Too Much For Screenwriting Teacher To Handle This Week

The Wrap: Kickstarter Co-Founder Yancey Strickler: ‘We Don’t Care About Money’

LATimes: MPAA's Chris Dodd extends olive branch to Silicon Valley - If I were Silicon Valley, this would worry me. Dodd is a snake, and more likely he is buttering them up, trying to lay the groundwork for a SOPA sequel.

Variety: MoviePass is back, and this time it looks like there's nothing exhibitors can do to stop it - If you do sign up for the service, do me a favor and use my link: I don't make any money, but it helps increase my chances of being part of the early tests.

BuzzFeed: 19 Things That Prove "Aladdin" And "Titanic" Are Basically The Same Movie - via @juniperjenny

If you've seen Looper, you have to watch Germain Lussier's interview with Rian Johnson

Vulture: Liv Ullmann on Her Ingmar Bergman Documentary, Liv and Ingmar: Painfully Connected

Dr. StrangeLEGO (video)

Guardian: Looper opens with bigger box office in China than US

Reddit's commentary on Tim Burton's career arc

Don't make movies the world is ready for. Make movies the world should be ready for.

- The reviews of Looper and The Master have been updated numerous times with great links to other interpretations of the films.
- Film Collaboration Websites - added

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