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Nando v Movies: How to Fix Fantastic Beasts It’s really less of a “how to fix” and more of a “how it should have been done in the first place” but there are some good points.

The Guardian: Agnès Varda, beloved French new wave director, dies aged 90 – Brilliant filmmaker of both films and documentary films. For something from her filmography that is underappreciated, check out Cinelicious’ two-film set Kung Fu Grip and For Jane V .

Deadline: Alien Helmer Ridley Scott to High School drama dept: Do Gladiator Next

YouTube Bows Out of Hollywood Arms Race With Netflix and Amazon – Bloomberg – Just as Disney and Apple step in…

SlashFilm: The Criterion Channel’s Launch Line-Up Revealed – I am a happy early member.

Hollywood Reporter: Disney Closes Fox Deal, Creating Global Content Powerhouse – It is probably going to take many years to understand the full implications of this deal to the greater world of film. Unfortunately for the people getting laid off, there are immediate consequences.

Filmmaker Mag: “Giving Yourself Time to Sculpt”: Pawel Pawlikowski’s Qumra Masterclass

GameSpot: Suicide Squad Sequel Is A “Total Reboot,” Not Called Suicide Squad 2 – Will Smith also left the movie. I’m not sure if that is a bad or a good sign. For a star of his magnitude, there is a lot of pressure to build the story around his character. If you want to tell an ensemble story, however, it may not be best to focus on the stars. This is the tension at the heart of the recent X-men movies, by the way.

James Gunn Reinstated For ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ 3 By Disney – This is not surprising. Great for Gunn because he’s back in the Marvel fold no matter how things go with DC’s Suicide Squad non-reboot.

Tibo Charropin: VFX used where you never expected! – Funny VFX reel parody from YouTube

YOUR WEEKLY WISDOM: Video Essay: Stanley Kubrick: Hypnotic Cinema