I have just completed a cross country move from California to Massachusetts. It was a tough decision, because it meant leaving behind my Hollywood editing career, at least for now. But it means my daughter will be growing up in a lovely area and closer to family.

What is also means is more time to work on this site! And since I’m not actively working in the film industry, I can be freer with my opinions. Expect some hot takes to get spicy!

I’m hoping to do more in-depth interviews with interesting filmmakers, review more books and equipment, increase the frequency of the link posts and have some hot editorial commentaries on today’s pressing issues in the world of movie making.

Tell me, what kind of filmmaking coverage would like to see more of here in 2019 — a.k.a. the year of Bladerunner, Akira and The Island? Leave a comment below.

Let’s do this!