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Crazy Rich Asians: the movie is a $34 million box office success – Vox – Meanwhile Kevin Spacey’s New Movie Billionaire Boys Club Earned Just $618 This Weekend (Buzzfeed)

‘Crazy Rich Asians’: Why Did It Take So Long to See a Cast Like This? – The New York Times

Justin Chang on the return of The Dark Knight

Some great movie double feature suggestions – r/criterion

Playing your 3D Blu-rays in VR headsets – YouTube tutorial

Modern horror films are finding their scares in dead phone batteries – The Verge

The trailer for Alfonso Cuarón’s Netflix film “Roma” is gorgeous — Quartzy

Amazon is reportedly thinking about buying the Whole Foods of movie theaters. Is that a good idea? – The Washington Post – It seems like everyone wants to be in the MoviePass business… other than MoviePass. Since vertical integration is a thing again, it makes sense for big media companies (or wannabes) to buy up theater chains. I’m interested to see what Amazon could do to innovate on the theater chain experience. Imagine renting a whole small theater with a group of friends and being able to play any movie ever made from a cloud-based film library.

Talking Film Production with James Schamus — Paul Lives Here

Oscars Won’t Televise All Awards, Adds Popular Film Category – Hollywood Reporter – Now that everyone is done venting about this, let’s talk objectively. Adding a ‘Popular Film’ category is obvious pandering and probably won’t increase viewers, at least after the first year. Leaving out the “boring” awards would probably increase viewers at the margins, but at the cost of alienating technical members. The Oscars is strong enough to survive. The main solution may be for ABC to realize that viewership is cratering, even for big live events. They are not going to make as much on their investment as initially predicted.

Two great documentaries on the opioid crisis are on Netflix: 1) “Recovery Boys,” a new film about 4 addicts in West Virginia in a farm-based rehab program; 2) “Herion(e)”, from 2017, about 3 amazing women who work for the state with addicts. – The Guardian

China Continues Its War On Pooh, Won’t Release Disney’s ‘Christopher Robin’ – Cartoon Brew

Art of the Cut addendum – detail on the Mission: Impossible – Fallout timeline from Eddie Hamilton, ACE by Steve Hullfish – ProVideo Coalition – It’s crazy, the amount of work that sits behind all of these edits.

“I’m rich! I don’t mean money-wise. I mean that I have figured out how to never be around assholes at any time in my personal and professional life. That’s rich. And not being around assholes should be the goal of every graduate here today.”
John Waters