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Hollywood Reporter: Kareem Abdul-Jabar on the firing of James Gunn – “If we start going back through Disney movies in the past, how much blatant sexism, racism and homophobia will we find? Disney would rightfully claim that, though those offenses may have occurred, the company has evolved since then.”

Business Insider: China’s box-office fraud could be affecting 9-40% of ticket sales – Hollywood is treating the Chinese market very seriously and vice versa. If China can nip this fraud problem, look for even more cross-investment.

Cinema Escapist: Martin Scorsese on the African Film Heritage Project

The Ringer: An Oral History of ‘Step Brothers’ – A real classic and proof that great movies can come out of sets where everyone is having fun.

YouTube: Best Comic Con 2018 Trailers

Deadline: Shinobu Hashimoto Dies: Screenwriter for ‘Rashomon’ And 70 Other Screenplays Was 100 – RIP One of the greats. Check out his short, excellent autobiography, translated into English.

Guardian: Stanley Kubrick’s “lost” 1956 screenplay discovered. – It is based on a Stefan Zweig novella. Apparently it is in a finished state. Here’s hoping a talented producer gets the rights!