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Vulture: Ally Sheedy on Hollywood Sexism

This isn’t about naming names. I don’t have enough for a lawsuit, but I do have enough for a broken heart/spirit. Nothing will change in Hollywood. Some men will get careful. Some men will pretend they never behaved like predators and wait this out. What’s so disheartening is knowing Harvey Weinstein’s sick actions will be addressed (finally) and yet the entire culture and context for his sick shit will remain in place.

I hope it changes.

I hope I’m wrong.

I’m not holding my breath.

Age of Robots: How Marvel Is Killing the Popcorn Movie – This essay from Avengers: Ultron has been making the rounds again. I enjoyed Infinity War, if enjoyed is the right word. However, it does suffer from the ‘so many characters’ problem by default.

Variety: ‘Tree of Life’ Gets 50 Minutes More in New Blu-Ray Version – Terrence Malick is a great example of an artist who can’t stop tinkering. It reminds me of Malcolm Gladwell’s take on Leonard Cohen.

UnFictional Podcast: Punk Jubilee – The making of the Derek Jarman film Jubilee, considered by many the origin of the punk aesthetic…

Lieography Podcast: Apollo 13 – Don’t You Spacesplain To Me

Scott Simmons (@editblog) thread on affordable voice over

Futurism: Hollywood is Wrong: Netflix is the Future of Film – See also: How Netflix works: the (hugely simplified) complex stuff that happens every time you hit Play