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SlashFilm: Let’s Talk About the Most Interesting Scene in ‘Ready Player One’ (Spoilers) – I’m hearing both good and bad things about the film. Anthony Lane on Ready Player One: “I saw the film in IMAX, and a week later I’m still waiting for the safe return of my optic nerves…”

The Infinity War Trailer but I just name characters as they appear

Having a sinking feeling the feature-length version will be a similar parade of characters…

Daily Wire: Dear People Who Won’t Shut Up In Movie Theaters: You’re The Worst. – Sitting next to a rude moviegoer is a dreadful experience. I haven’t personally noticed a difference in patron behavior post Movie Pass here in LA. What’s your experience?

The Poster Boys podcast tackles the greatest and worst Ingmar Bergman posters

Images on their Tumblr.

IndieWire: Al Pacino on Playing A 39-Year-Old Mobster in The Irishman – Older actors playing younger thanks to de-aging is going to be too expensive to be widespread — at least for a while. But it will be interesting to watch this trend. Already most major hollywood films have a VFX digital makeup pass. Let’s just say Captain America’s hairline is one of his super-powers.

Vulture: Solo: A Star Wars Story Actor Details Production Troubles – This is a really fascinating window into what has been going on with this film. I’m looking forward to hearing more in the press in the years to come about the way Disney saved — or failed to save — the production.

Forbes: Banning Netflix, Amazon From Festivals And Awards Is Wrong – The festivals and the streaming giants will both survive just fine without each other. However, I worry this will mean less spending by those giants on films with indie appeal. Amazon was doing a much better job of releasing their films theatrically first. It is weird to lump them in with Netflix, who have been pushing day-and-date so aggressively.

Justin Chang for LAT: Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’ is often captivating, but cultural sensitivity gets lost in translation

IndieWire: Our Film Critic and the Director of a Movie He Hated Sat Down and Tried to Work Out Their Differences

Screenlight: Eight Avid Media Composer Default Settings You Must Change Today – I always use Add Edit, Remove Effect and I change the A and S keys to FF / RR which doesn’t put you into trim mode automatically.

The Rewatchables Podcast: Get Out – Is it safe to call this film ‘classic’ already? The crew makes a strong argument.

Car and Driver: How the Original Bullitt-Movie Mustang Was Rediscovered

MargRev: Titus Levi with an alternative view on Black Panther