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Vox: The Kingsman movies’ not-so-secret conservative politics – My brief review of Kingsman 2 can be found on Letterboxd. I was not impressed. The movie was apparently 3+ hours in the original cut. That explains why many parts felt shortchanged. Still, it pleased many fans of Kingsman 1, including my wife.

The Whole Plate: Framing Megan Fox – Whether or not you care about Megan Fox’s character in the Transformers movies, this a textbook lesson in how the visuals of a film can subvert the narrative of a film.

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Newsweek: Netflix, Streaming Video and the Slow Death of the Classic Film – It seems classic movie streaming is migrating secondary platforms like Warner Archive and Filmstruck. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Both of those services can offer deeper and wider classic catalogs by centralizing the audience.