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Hollywood Reporter: ‘Shape of Water’: Guillermo del Toro on Why America Needs a Cold War Fairy Tale Today – Pumped to see this.

Variety: Venice Film Review: Downsizing – Lots of good reviews for this film coming out of Venice.

RibbonFarm: A Beginner’s Guide to Immortality – If your life was a movie, how would you like being stuck in Groundhog Day?

BBC News: Has Star Wars reached peak prequel? – Time will tell if Rogue One turns out to be the pinnacle. Somehow I doubt it.

Hollywood Reporter: Summer Box Office Suffers Historic Decline in U.S. – I’m pretty sure it is actually within the normal range of variation. Let’s see what the numbers are at the end of the year.

No Film School: Final Death Comes to Final Cut 7 – RIP. Seems like the Final Cut X transition pushed a lot of younger editors to Premiere. Feature films and major TV productions are still mainly Avid MediaComposer.

SlashFilm: Why Netflix Was The Only Place to Make Scorsese’s The Irishman, According to Robert De Niro

Crash Course Movie Production Series #1

BoingBoing: How to make a good lighting rig with a hamburger box and a flashlight

TrueFilm subreddit: Michael Haneke’s recurring names – Ingmar Bergman did the same thing with his character names: Anna, Karin, Henrik, Marianne, David, Isak.