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What Does Wonder Woman Actually Represent? – A comic about the history of the super-heroine by Lucy Bellwood and Sarah Mirk.

A look inside the world of film editing – Imgur album

Business Insider: Hollywood is fighting Sean Parker’s movie-streaming startup – People have tried this idea many times before. Theatrical distributors will never give up the current window release pattern unless it stops working for them. In a funny way, Netflix is doing straight-to-home cinema stuff yet no one is talking about it. The very excellent Sundance film I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore has been virtually buried by getting a Netflix distribution.

Potato Jet: iPhone 7 vs Arri Alexa

Boing Boing: A countdown made from countdowns in movies

“‘My mother would believe horror pictures are close to porn.'” – Deadline’s Peter Bart on the new horror producers.

MEL Magazine: How The Internet Killed the Teen Sex Comedy – I don’t think the genre is dead, per se. It just needs some new filmmaker to figure out how to make it relevant in the age of Snapchat, and the filmmakers who can do that don’t have a lot of access to mainstream cinema… yet.

FT: Last year, 150 filmmakers called on camera makers to build encryption into their products. They continue to resist.

The Independent: Personal Shopper‘s Olivier Assayas interview

Reuters: Facebook to become another Netflix? – Facebook plans to produce its own video content. It’s interesting since facebook has been trying to challenge YouTube with user uploaded (I won’t say ‘user generated’) content. YouTube has had its own challenges when it came to creating short-form original content. Meanwhile, Netflix is picking a fight with distributors. Amazon is looking better-and-better-positioned for the near future of exclusive online content.


— Source: The World of James Bond by Jeremy Black (review copy)