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Vulture: How did King Arthur: Legend of the Sword happen? – This is apparently a case of many visions for the IP, or intellectual property. Sadly, the vision that the final film settled on is a total mess. You’ll find my spoiler review on Letterboxd.

Dafne Keen’s Logan Audition Tape with Hugh Jackman

Deadline: Hackers Holding Disney’s Latest ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ For Ransom – Oh, the irony!

Reddit AMA: Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and Creator of The Toxic Avenger

Real or Fake 4K – Is that disk you’re buying really UHD quality? For the time being, the answer is ‘usually not.’ Most major Hollywood films are still mastered in 2K, not 4K. In playing Mantis, Pom Klementieff Keeps Laughing Through The Pain – Interesting side story for the Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 breakout actress.

5 Highlights from ‘The Godfather’ 45th Anniversary Reunion

Macro Room: The swirling beauty of colored ink in water (video) – Stay tuned to see the filming setup.

True West Magazine: Kurt Russell spills the beans on who really directed Tombstone – I wonder if there aren’t quite a few movies where actors, writers and producers took over directing but declined to take the credit.

The Summer Movie Season is Upon Us – It’s time for The /Filmcast Summer Movie Wager podcast

“Most [screen]writers, when I’ve pressed the question, usually admit, finally, that they don’t want to be writers. They just want to write — and not even in a general sense of wanting to sit down somewhere and scribble for a living. They want to write because they have something to say.” — Robin Mukherjee, The Art of Screenplays