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The New York Times Magazine: Mike Judge, the Bard of Suck – Mike Judge’s filmography is brief from one way of looking at it. But it’s very long and potent when viewed from other angles.

The Cinematography of Ghost In The Shell (YouTube)

Variety: Michael Ballhaus Dead: ‘Goodfellas’ Cinematographer Was 81 – RIP. One of the greats!

Scorsese released a statement reading, “For over 20 years, Michael Ballhaus and I had a real creative partnership, and a very close and enduring friendship. By the time we met, he had already made film history with Rainer Werner Fassbinder, and I revered him. He was a lovely human being, and he always had a warm smile for even the toughest situations—anyone who knew him will remember his smile. We started working together in the 80s, during a low ebb in my career. And it was Michael who really gave me back my sense of excitement in making movies. For him, nothing was impossible. If I asked him for something difficult, he would approach it with enthusiasm: he never told me we couldn’t do something, and he loved to be challenged. If we were running out of time and light, he would figure out a way to work faster. And if we were behind schedule and getting into a situation where we had to eliminate set-ups, he would sit down with me calmly and we would work it out together: instead of getting frustrated about what was being taken away, he would always think in terms of what we had. Really, he gave me an education, and he changed my way of thinking about what it is to make a film. He was a great artist. He was also a precious and irreplaceable friend, and this is a great loss for me.”

Kottke: Incredible low light camera turns night into day – People used to shoot Day for Night. Now we can shoot Night for Day… I foresee some interesting creative possibilities, not the least of which will be making shooting at night cost less in lighting equipment and resources for low budget films!

SlashFilm: Why A New Oscar Rule Could Make Best Animated Feature Nominations Dumber – The animation categories are already heavily tilted toward Disney/PIXAR, it seems to me, probably because the Academy membership is tilted toward them and people who know them. This rule change actually has the potential to change this. I think it may be a step in the right direction.

Criterion: Walking with Scorsese – A tour of the Martin Scorsese retrospective artifacts exhibit, now in Berlin. I hope it comes to LA!

Blank Check with Griffin & David Podcast takes on Spielberg’s War of the Worlds – They’ve got a whole Spielberg series going. Great film geek listening!


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