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Adam Savage’s Tested: How Weta Workshop Made Ghost In The Shell’s Thermoptic Suit! (video) – The engineering involved in modern movie costumes is highly under-rated. I had assumed that many shots of Scarlett Johansson’s character in the trailer were CG. I never assumed a costume with this kind of look and movement could be created in real life!

Cracked Podcast: 25 Bizarrely Specific Things Movies Get Wrong About Reality – A must-listen for screenwriters. The panel has a good discussion of movie clichés to avoid.

Beyond the Frame: Smartphones in Cinema: A Missed Opportunity? (video)

No Film School: 47 Things We Learned from Nicolas Cage’s Vampire’s Kiss Commentary – This is a rather obscure cult film, but a must for anyone who wants to understand the origins of Cage’s unorthodox style of screen acting. Did Nicolas Cage really eat a live cockroach? Yes, and he believes it provided the same value as a $2M special effect. And he’s not wrong.

The Seattle Times: Accountants in Oscar mistake off the show – Yes, the individual accountants appear to have goofed. But there are reports they are being harassed and even receiving death threats. That’s out of line. Have a little compassion for someone who is probably already mortified to have bungled in front of millions of people on live television.

SlashFilm: This Manchester by the Sea VFX Reel Is Unbelievable