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Deadline: Behind the scenes of La La Land‘s most challenging scenes

Recode: The film producer who made Whiplash missed out on La La Land because of a missed lunch – Jason Blum is a sharp guy, but Hollywood is also a game of luck.

How lenses change the shape of a face

How camera lenses change the shape of your face

Vox: 7 reasons Hollywood doesn’t make romantic comedies anymore – Another reason: Romance has changed in the age of Tinder, and no filmmakers have yet cracked the code for how to make entertainment that reflects this. Challenge issued.

Oscar-Nominated Screenwriters Share Worst Studio Notes: ‘So Where Are the White People?’ – The art of deflecting bad notes is what separates the A-list screenwriters from the B-list.

TrueFilm subreddit: Kubrick on Mankind: A Proposed Watching Order – You could even skip Fear & Desire and the short films and get a very strong program.

A short introduction to cinematography by Luke Valadie

USA Today: 7-year NFL veteran Domonique Foxworth saw ‘Concussion’ and it made him question everything

Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness. –Pedro Almodovar