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“I Never Knew How to Make a Film” – Michael Cimino in a 2005 Filmmaker Magazine interview. He got his start in commercials and was known for his elaborate sets. Here’s his famous American Airlines commercial, “Take Me Along”:

The Guardian: Abbas Kiarostami, Palme d’Or-winning Iranian film-maker, dies aged 76 – If you’ve never seen a Kiarostami film, Certified Copy is a good way in.

The New Yorker: The Screenwriter of “E.T.” and “The BFG” Says Goodbye – RIP Melissa Mathison

SlashFilm: Scarlett Johansson Is Now the Highest-Grossing Female Movie Star of All Time – Her total is obviously helped by Marvel movies in which she is not the main star. However, for those who say she can’t sustain a movie as a lead, I point to Lucy. People will pay to see her kick ass, even if the plot is rather dumb.

Notes from the War Room – Terry Southern on making Dr. Strangelove

The Daily Beast: ‘Die Hard’ Oral History: How Bruce Willis Changed the Movies

The Onion: Director Has Clear Vision Of How Studio Will Destroy Movie

Smithsonian Mag: The True Story of the ‘Free State of Jones’

Kottke: The green screen driving machine – I predict it won’t be long until this tech starts being used to ‘skin’ actors as well as cars.

“The director’s task is to recreate life, its movement, its contradictions, its dynamic and conflicts. It is his duty to reveal every iota of the truth he has seen, even if not everyone finds that truth acceptable. Of course an artist can lose his way, but even his mistakes are interesting provided they are sincere. For they represent the reality of his inner life, of the peregrinations and struggle into which the external world has thrown him.” – Andrei Tarkovsky