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Reddit Movies: What are some movies that can be widely recognized when quoting only one word? – Is it bad that I don’t recognize some of the top-voted choices? “Shenanigans” makes me think of the movie Office Space but obviously the word that evokes that movie would be “flair”.

Honest Trailers – Deadpool (Feat. Deadpool) – Deadpool invades his own honest trailer, of course.

Washington Post: Here’s the problem with both ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and ‘Batman v Superman’ – A rare perspective lumping these two films together.

Star Wars – Episode V “The Empire Strikes Back” Homage (Vimeo Video) – A James-Bond-Movie-Style Title Sequence

Playboy: A Beginner’s Guide to Superhero Cinema

SlashFilmcast 2016 Summer Movie Wager (podcast) – Which movie will win the box office crown, Captain America, Finding Dory, or something else?

Celluloid Junkie: Ang Lee Just Invented a New Form of Cinema

Google Public Policy Blog: A Step Toward Protecting Fair Use on YouTube – Meanwhile, YouTube disables audio on John Cage’s “4’33”

WhatCulture: 10 Ambiguous Film Endings You’re Getting Totally Wrong (YouTube Video)

New Yorker: Our Dated Model of Theatrical Release is Hurting Independent Film

Indiewire: Criterion Explains Its New Streaming Service FilmStruck – Glad there will be another option besides Hulu to access the Criterion streaming library.

“Artists were too happy, so God invented film.” – Sidney Meyers