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Deadline: How Batman V Superman will turn a profit despite the critical kryptonite – See also Vulture’s speculations on what Lex Luthor’s plan was meant to be, exactly. And the SlashFilmcast had a healthy 2-hour discussion of the film, the first part of which is spoiler-free.

Hollywood is overwhelmingly left. Perhaps there’s discrimination after the fact but creative areas are almost always heavily left. Police, military, engineering, there are certain things that are more conducive to minds predisposed to conservatism.” – Economist Tyler Cowen has a wide-ranging discussion with sociologist Jonathan Haidt, which touches on political attitudes in creative fields.

Nerdwriter: How Alfred Hitchcock Blocks A Scene

FiveThirtyEight: The First ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ Was The Blockbuster Nobody Saw Coming

Scorsese didn’t get to be Scorsese just from watching so many movies. He studied movies deeply. And he learned by making movies.