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Marty Baron: Why the Globe’s Spotlight reporting matters & why the @SpotlightMovie matters… – You can also read my take on why Spotlight won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Go Into The Story: Download 46 movie scripts from 2015 including all 10 Best Screenplay Oscar nominated movies – Short of writing screenplays, the best way to learn is by studying the current masters of the craft.

AskReddit: What movie scene gives you chills every time? – I think of “Ansi Nisi Masa” in 8 1/2 or the St. Crispin’s Day speech in Branagh’s Henry V. The current top vote getter on this Reddit thread is the docking scene from Interstellar – an outstanding combination of editing, music, performance, sound design and much else, say what you will about the rest of the film.

SlashFilm: Gods of Egypt Director Alex Proyas Hates Film Critics – Keep in mind, this is a filmmaker whose career was helped enormously by critic Roger Ebert championing his film Dark City.


Oppenheimer’s latest documentary, The Look of Silence, is currently on Netflix, by the way.