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Slashfilm: Movies Sold At Sundance 2016

An educational video about the cliché of ladies slapping men in movies

This lesson from The Book of Life can be profitably employed in the movie industry

BELLADONNA OF SADNESS Official Red Band Trailer – Weird, kinda amazing and definitely NSFW promo for a trippy 1970’s Japanese animated film, newly restored.

Filmmaker Magazine: Cracking Eggs: Looking for Financial Stability Outside of Independent Film

Engadget: 4K Blu-ray has already lost to streaming

BuzzFeed: 5 Batshit Things In The Movie “Joy” That Weren’t In The Original Screenplay

“The myth that the director is the sole creator of his film is a burden on almost everyone in the movie business, including the director, who frequently becomes weighted down by excess responsibility, in capable of generating a team spirit, afraid to delegate authority, or unable to graciously accept the contributions of the expert collaborators he has summoned to his side.” – Ralph Rosendblum (and Robert Karen), When the Shooting Stops… The Cutting Begins: A Film Editor’s Story