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Hollywood Reporter: The Making of ‘Sicario’: How the Cast Survived a Trip Through Juarez

The new Trailer for Hail Caesar built entirely around one (hilarious) scene – The Zootopia teaser also did this. Could be the start of an interesting trend. It is a known technique for trailers to “stop down” and play an extended part of a scene in order to demonstrate quality. So what effect does showing an entire scene have?

SlashFilm: Pacific Rim 2 Might Not Be Dead (And We Probably Have China to Thank for It) – Would much rather see this franchise keep going than Transformers.

New Republic: Our Most Anticipated Movies of 2016

Little Gold Men Podcast analyzes what the Globes wins mean for Oscars – Hint: not a whole lot. Sorry, Matt Damon.

US Mag: What Ricky Gervais said to Mel Gibson

NBC Didn’t Stream the Golden Globes – A bad trend… for movie lovers and for NBC’s ratings.


Anne Coates, editor of LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, accepts her lifetime achievement award.

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