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New York Times: Academy Board Endorses Changes to Increase Diversity in Oscar Nominees and Itself – A radical move yet one that is unlikely to please Academy members or the general public. Doubling the already small number of women and minorities in the Academy is probably still a small ratio of women and minorities. Also, can the Academy be sure that the ’emeritus’ member votes are the ones that are disadvantaging deserving actors and crew members of color? Mightn’t it also be younger members whose personal and business networks are extremely white? Might some older members be the ones who have time to seek out and view the more obscure films by people they don’t know? Might publicity campaigns for white movies be given more money because of the perception that white movies are preferred by the Academy? It’s a sticky problem that echoes the problems with a lot of entrenched, powerful institutions in this country.

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The Guardian: Internet cat video festival is ‘harder to get tickets to than Burning Man’

Kottke: Max Mad: Fury Road sped up 12X is still watchable – See also the Mad Max Fury Road vfx reel

Lynn Cinnamon: How The Big Short’s Michael Burry invests in water

Variety: ‘Southside With You’ Review: Barack and Michelle Obama’s First DateSwiss Army Man is also getting some, ahem, interesting reviews out of Sundance. And Birth of a Nation sold for a record amount.

A chart of every death in John Wick

The New Yorker: The Oscar Whiteness Machine

LA Times: Netflix: The most feared force in Hollywood? – Every day the studios continue to back the failed UltraViolet format is a huge win for Netflix.

IndieWire: The 11 Must-See Movies Completely Rejected By the Oscars