Vimeo has a whole bunch of free tutorials in their Video School, including…

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • iMovie
  • Windows Movie Maker

No Avid MediaComposer there, but you can find official tutorials for that on Avid’s website and YouTube:

If you want to make a living doing editing (as I currently do), I recommend learning Avid first, then Premiere (fewer job opportunities, but a growing field), then Final Cut X (even fewer opportunities as of right now, but potentially more when they add more pro workflow support). Movie Maker and iMovie will give you the basics, but won’t help you get work.

Some Basic Editing Software Recommendations

Avid MediaComposer is pricey and has a less intuitive interface, but they offer a student version at a price that’s competitive with the other major software solutions. It’s a pain-in-the-ass to get and activate (and transfer between machines). The new Adobe subscription licensing is another major reason I think Premiere is currently on the rise.

For low-budget indies, the Adobe workflow is very attractive, especially if you are doing documentaries and can make use of the auto-transcript features. Happy cutting — and US readers have a great long Memorial Day weekend!