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ScreenRant: Over 40 DC & Marvel Movies Will Hit Theaters In The Next 6 Years – Is there any scenario where the public doesn’t burn out on superhero movies? Already the Spiderman franchise is showing fatigue. I think Marvel has demonstrated demand for franchises that involve loosely-connected stories in the same world. We already knew franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean, which involve one-off or interlinked adventures of the same characters, were popular. Hollywood has long dined out on sequels, from Chaplin’s Little Tramp movies to the Thin Man series to, yes, Aliens and Terminators and Batman and Superman and even Jaws the shark.

Canon PR: Canon Introduces The World’s Longest 4K Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens For Large-Format Single-Sensor Cameras – The 50-1000mm motorized CINE-SERVO comes in EF and PL mounts. If you’re going to buy one lens…

Quora: What is the one film that changed Hollywood the most?

Go into the Story: The ‘shortening’ of movie scenes – I hate when people make blanket pronouncements that could be easily tested by data. Scene length can be sampled and tested both on the page and as edited. But let us grant it. Even so… so what? I would not be surprised if, in any storytelling medium — including stage plays — as audiences get more familiar with the mechanics of the medium, the storytellers are able to ‘shorthand’ more and more.

SlashFilm: How to Shoot a Nightclub Scene Using Almost No Money and see also No Film School: 5 Things You Should Think About After You Pass on Your Distribution Deal for more tips from the same $6,000 film.

Vulture: Is This a Clip From a Trent Reznor Score or a Household Appliance?

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