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Fast Company: Rebooting YouTube – A profile of new head Susan Wojcicki and her strategy of promoting ‘home-grown’ YouTube stars.

TechCrunch: Netflix Is Available In France, But It Still Needs Work – Headline: no House of Cards. The foreign rights were already sold to competitors. Rights issues are what continue to confuse consumers — difficult to know what movies and T.V. shows are available on what service at any given time. See also Forbes’ article on the negotiation dynamics between Netflix & the movie studios.

NYTimes: Kickstarter D&D doc leads to lawsuits – A cautionary tale for tabletop game designers leads to a cautionary tale for filmmakers.

The Film Stage: Quentin Tarantino on Creating a Film-Only Haven, How Oscar Obsession Ruins Festivals, and More

News Shooter: Kinogrip’s new Grenoble wooden handgrip

ProdHub: 5 Ways To Give Your Low Budget Film More Production Value

Zeitchik in LATimes: On the set of Birdman with Iñarritú, Keaton and Lubezki – An early awards favorite, along with Imitation Game. Can’t wait to see.

Quora: I think I have written a great first draft of my new script, is it worth using a screenwriting service to take it to the next level? – See also What’s it like to have your film flop at the box office?