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Top Five Film Podcast: Ep. 78 – Guardians, Bitch! – True fanboy perspective on the latest Marvel film as well as this year’s Comic Con. I must note that I strenuously disagree with the assessment that Guardians is better than Avengers. I kept wishing for more witty Whedonesque banter during Guardians’ dull exposition scenes.

Variety profiles the YouTube stars who are bigger than the stars you’ve heard of – Why anyone would try to “make it” through the studio system or even join the studio system after “making it” on YouTube escapes me. Remember, Walt Disney sold Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. He refused to sell Mickey Mouse (or anything after, for that matter).

Mashable: Nice Try, Hollywood, But a Female Superhero Won’t Solve Your Gender Problem – A rantitorial by ex-Variety writer @NotoriousJLD

Indie Wire: Hollywood’s Untapped Audience, an Illustrated Richard Linklater Interview and More – See also this IndieWire article on The Problem with Bollywood’s Biggest Star, Salman Khan

No Film School: Walter Murch & Jon Favreau Discuss the Science Behind the Way We Perceive Movies

Criticwire Classic of the Week: Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Wild Strawberries’ – Still incredible to me Bergman made this movie the same year as The Seventh Seal

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