This highly-creative use of animation is courtesy a person (a collective?) by the name of Hombre_mcsteez.

Judging by the upload dates on his/her/their YouTube page, Hombre_mcsteez averages about one video every year. Animation takes a long… long… long time to do, so I’m betting it’s an individual.

Anyway, it’s one of the coolest video’s I’ve seen in the last few weeks because it points not only to a (to me in any case) novel use of animation, but also to a new kind of internet video I’m seeing emerge, something that for lack of a better term you might call Vine compilations. (Vine is Twitter-of-video service that forces you to share short loops of video.)

Not that there haven’t been compilation videos before, but these sort of thematic gag reels seem to be becoming a genre unto themselves and (to my mind in any case) are a lot more fun to watch than individual Vines or a page full of animated GIFs.

Agree? Disagree? Bueller?