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IndieWire: How Jeremy Saulnier Went From Corporate Videos to Making ‘Blue Ruin’

FiveThirtyEight: Statistical Breakdown of Every Blockbuster Since Jaws – The new Nate Silver news site that emphasizes statistical stories also recently had great pieces on the IMDb’s worst-rated film and how Mean Girls has impacted our vocabulary.

Filmmaker Mag: “he’s frustrated by what he seems to perceive as the unthinking tyranny of editing” – There might be something to this, but the way it is being reported makes it sound colossally stupid. Film grammar to me is rooted in biological facts of how we perceive information, but, like spoken language, it is also a constantly evolving set of arbitrary structures. If you throw out those signposts, you end up sounding like Nell.

Advice to Writers: Billy Wilder’s Rules for Screenwriters

NFS: What Lighting Tools Do the Pros Use? Some of the Most Talented DPs Share Their Favorites

Variety: Jeffrey Katzenberg Predicts 3-Week Theatrical Window in Future

Under The Skin and the Problem with the Adjective “Kubrickian”

Hitfix: Has life in the age of casual magic made moviegoers numb to the amazing? – This essay occasioned much discussion in the filmmakersphere. From what I hear, the new Godzilla will be an answer to the casual magic approach. It will be interesting to see how audiences respond to the Jaws approach of teasing and delaying the payoff.

Playwright Howard Lindsay (Arsenic and Old Lace, State of the Union) advised taking the great lines from secondary characters and giving them to the lead. Keep the hero the hero and the star the star.

What are Martin Scorsese’s favorite films?