When I encounter an odd error message and its solution, I make a note. This is one of those notes. I want solutions to turn up better in searches for other Avid users (and myself). As with all error posts on the site, the casual reader can just skip ahead to other less-technical content.

This is a simple one (maybe even a forehead-slapper), but I think worth throwing out there.

I had dropped real-time mask and timecode effects over a whole sequence and they didn’t appear to be effecting the footage in Source/Record Mode, only Effect Mode. What happened? I had toggled off the “Render On-the-Fly” option.

Avid Render On-the-Fly Option Toggle in menu

Solution, toggle it back on. It’s something that’s set on by default, so I’d never taken notice of it. Turn it off, though, and you will take notice.

Have a similar story of another simple but hard-to-know Avid option getting accidentally toggled? Leave a comment below.