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Fast to Create: Devo frontman and Lego Movie composer Mark Mothersbaugh on being a great collaborator

Film School Rejects: Could the 2014 Academy Awards Ceremony Be the Most Controversial Ever? – The author has a broad definition of controversy, but still a nice preview of the horse race.

Mean Melin on the Wilt Chamberlain movie Jayhawkers – Made by lots of the folks I worked with on Bunker Hill. Here’s a link to the premiere info from @StephenDeaver.

Movie Morlocks: Divorce American Style – Nice essay on the peculiar subgenre of screwball re-marriage comedies

Hollywood Reporter: ‘Dallas Buyers Club,’ ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Writers Reveal Their Writing Process, Biggest Challenges

EOSHD: Which 4K camera for the masses? GH4 vs Blackmagic Production Camera

Tessman fisks the Final Draft Scriptnotes interview

Typeset in the Future: Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 font choices – Everything you wanted to know and probably more about the fonts used in the film. Kubrick was well-known for being a font obsessive and it shows in his films and his film fans.

Stay, little Valentine – Matt Zoller Seitz on Phillip Seymour Hoffman

“Sometimes I’m working on a film and someone will ask me if I’m having fun. And I’m tempted to tell them the truth: No, absolutely not. Having no fun here at all. You know what’s going to be fun? When it’s done, and I’ve done a fuckin’ good job, and I know people are getting something out of that. I’ll have a lot of fun then. A ton of it.” – Phillip Seymour Hoffman

List of Film Collaboration Websites – added hitREC0RD
Sound Equipment for Indies – added the Zoom H4n and H6 recorders