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FilmDrunk: Follow-up: The Man Who Killed Another Man For Texting During Previews Before Lone Survivor – This is a sad story. Surprised it is not getting more attention given that other “violence and the media” stories saturate the news.

LATimes: Richard Linklater’s 12-year project Boyhood to premiere at Sundance – Super excited about this film. What an epic project!

BuzzFeed: 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Fight Club – Well, I knew some of them.

Forbes: Negotiating Dynamic Changes Between Netflix and the Studios – You heard it here first, of course.

No Film School: How to Set a Living Room on Fire with VFX in 4K

The Dissolve: The Simpsons pay an inspired tribute to Hayao Miyazaki

Top Rated Films by Location They Were Shot – Created by a Reddit user using IMDb data

Martin Scorsese’s open letter to his daughter about the future of cinema

“Bored by the scene you’re writing? Cut away. Maybe cut the whole scene. Get out of there, man.” –@jonspaihts

Free Film Leader Download – made some changes to the files, now improved for v2