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The Alfonso Cuarón-directed and co-written riff on Marooned (1969) continues to be the topic du semaine. Whether it is the visual effects, the sound, the music, the science (or stretching thereof), there is a post or featurette for your needs.

Also, a conversation as to how the ending of the film should be interpreted has already begun. Josh Dickey at The Wrap has a spoiler-filled speculation.

Not quite viral marketing for Carrie – A telekinetic coffee shop prank. I can’t help thinking this would have been better without the film clip and title at the end. Let it actually be viral.

Scouting NY: The 10 Most Dangerous Places in New York City – In time for Halloween, an annotated tour of New York via spooky movies

No Film School: Roundup of early footage from the Digital Bolex D16

Vulture: Profile of Spike Jonez and the Making of Her – Reveals that Samantha Morton originally played the Scarlett Johansson voice role live on set.

Vashi Visuals nominates some pages from Spies Like Us as the best two pages of screenwriting ever.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” — Walt Disney

A List of Film Collaboration Websites – Added several new players in the web distribution field.