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Patriotic movies for America’s Independence Day – an oldie from the archives

Filmonomics: Let The Right Ones In – Colin Brown at Truly Free Film sums up the state of the film industry today, and the recent rants of Soderbergh, Spielberg, Lucas and veteran producer Lynda Obst.

The Original Fan: When The Thing became John Carpenter’s The Thing – A phenomenal reconstruction of the story changes made during production of the cult horror classic.

Rope of Silicon: Critic Watches White House Down in 2D, Confused Why His 3D Glasses Weren’t Working – Probably unfair to MTV’s Kurt Loder, but has the truth of a parable.

The Sound of Monsters University – Great little featurette on sound design for the new PIXAR. It was probably made to promote Dolby’s Atmos system, but still very illuminating since they show the same scene with various sound beds isolated.

The Black and Blue: Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Film Crews and Bottled Water

Criterion artist Sam Smith interviews the creators of the classic Janus Films posters

Before Midnight is Richard Linklater’s version of This is 40. Discuss.

List of Streaming Movie Outlets – added Popcornflix Android App