Sex.Ed Zwick talks sex and comedy on the About Last Night... bonus features

He also said “chick movie” is code for crying. The quote comes from a conversation between Zwick and Rob Lowe on the 2010 Blu-ray for About Last Night…, a movie starring Lowe and a young Demi Moore about a couple who starts their relationship with sex and ends with love.

Lowe: Usually ‘date movies’ mean guys are gonna go under duress with a gun to their head.
Zwick: Right.
Lowe: Right? There’s nothin’ in it for them. And the girl’s gonna love them for being taken to that movie. That’s code for ‘date movie.’ This is actually a movie that works for both of them!
Zwick: Right. And crying. There has to be crying involved for it to be a date movie too. For the girl.
Lowe: Right.
Zwick: That’s more the ‘chick movie’. Actually, ‘chick movie’ is code for crying–
Lowe: Exactly!
Zwick: ‘Date movie’ is code for sex. That’s very funny.

Lowe and Zwick also discuss how Judd Apatow has revived this type of frank sex and relationship comedy:

Zwick: I saw Judd Apatow recently.
Lowe: Yeah?
Zwick: I didn’t know him very well, but we were talking. And, and he brought up this movie. Because, in fact, what he’s done so brilliantly is to bring back the sex comedy.
Lowe: Right.
Zwick: And that’s what 40-Year-Old Virgin is. And that’s what Sarah Marshall is. And that’s what Knocked Up is.
Lowe: When I saw Knocked Up, it reminded be a little bit of–
Zwick: Well that’s, you know, a relationship that happens prematurely, that then has to become a relationship. That’s actually the same sort of shape, really.