Via No Film School comes a set of videos showing off a new gyro-stabilizer called Movi. What’s a gyro-stabilizer? It’s puts your camera on a gimbal, similar to how a steadicam works:

Using this new device, DSLR guru Vincent Laforet and his team have come up with some clever ways to pull off some interesting shots. First, watch the demo short:

Now, watch the BTS video to see how they pulled off these shots. Hint, tricks may involve handoffs and rollerblades:

This system can also apparently be mounted on a quadcopter, as with these shots:

The company that makes this, Freefly Systems, looks like they specialize in helicopter rigs.

The Movi M10 rig will cost $15,000. Apparently, they are working on a lighter one that will cost $7,500. I could find no release dates online and an email to Freefly asking when they hope to have this available for purchase generated an auto-response saying they would release details during NAB 2013, which begins today.