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All anyone could talk about this week was the big Veronica Mars movie kickstarter, which was the fastest to $1M (4 hours) and raised the most of any film project ($3.7M with 23 days still to go). But since Warner Bros. was probably going to make the movie anyway, was it a cynical marketing ploy?

As far as the marketing angle, I do agree with Variety’s Marc Graser that some brand missed a chance to hijack the publicity and goodwill the campaign generated. Also in Variety, Josh Dickey sees this as opening the floodgates to more cult property theatrical reboots.

Esquire: Free at Last: The Robert Redford Story – Great long profile of Robert Redford’s career in film, real estate and environmental issues.

Jacob S Hall: How SXSW 2013 Helped Define the “Austin Movie”

Filmmaker Mag: Production Design on a Budget – Make a room 60’s and 80’s period with just $300?

Vimeo adds On Demand service – 90/10 split, but note that you’ll have to pay $200/yr for Pro account.

Erik Davis: Read These Hilarious Studio Notes on Blade Runner – “This Movie Gets Worse Every Screening”

Studio Ghibli’s 7 Best Films

AllThingsD: Survey compares viewership of Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, iTunes across age groups – Strong positive trends for Netflix.

Short of the Week: The changing face of shorts distribution

Hollywood wants to make movies that are liked by many, independent filmmakers want to make movies that are loved by a few.

List of Streaming Movie Outlets – Added Vimeo, Hitbliss, Redbox Instant and more. Updated info throughout.