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Twitter blocked @makingthemovie for too many tweets – uh, isn’t that the point? Continued the old-fashioned way below… refresh the page to see updates.

9:06 Thanks for reading along.

9:03 Kind of in awe in how they worked out lyrics for the “Losers” song for every contingency. Or maybe the fix has been in? Did Pricewaterhouse Coopers write the song?

9:00 “It doesn’t matter how you get knocked down in life. It only matters how you get up.” Yeah, take that, Twitter.

8:59 Grant Heslov is the more assured speaker, who knew?

8:58 Ben seems nervous, here. He’s had enough chances to practice this through the season. “I want to thank Canada!”

8:57 “Three sexiest producers alive.” Hilarious.

8:56 The night begins unpredictably and finishes as scripted.

8:55 Winner… ARGO!!!!!!!!!! (Predictably… it had won all the major guild awards.)

8:54 Awkward combination between Jack Nicholson and the (pre-recorded?) Michelle Obama. Let’s hear the winner already…

8:53 I hope this is not a tradition to have military prop soldiers and political wives involved in my most sacred night :(

8:52 Michelle Obama: “Oh hi, I didn’t see you there.”

8:51 Best speech of the night. Funny, classy, performed with gravitas.

8:51 His wife has “lived with many strange men” — an admission that he takes his method characters into the boudoir?

8:49 DDL brings the house down with a Margaret Thatcher joke. Take that MacFarlane!

8:48 No drama. Meryl blurts Daniel Day Lewis, truly her male nemesis.

8:45 Meryl Streep is here! To present Best Actor. Will it be Daniel Day-Lewis, Joaquin Phoenix or a dark horse? Jackman is looking good after Hathaway’s win.

8:40 Jennifer Lawrence wins, predictably. She was previously nominated for WINTER’S BONE. She’s set to be Oscar royalty for a long time going, and Hollywood royalty, with the HUNGER GAMES franchise.

8:36 Ang Lee’s Wikipedia page is already updated.

8:34 Best Director Ang Lee. He was mildly favored and my prediction. Many in the room were thinking David O. Russell.

8:31 And the best movie trailer ad goes to… Grey Poupon.

8:28 Good, coke-fueled speech from Tarantino.

8:26 Best Original Screenplay… hard to call… I’m pulling for MOONRISE KINGDOM. Winner: Tarantino. I seriously underestimated the Academy’s love for DJANGO.

8:25 Chris Terrio — good speech, bad hair.

8:23 Dustin and Charlize to present Adapted Screenplay… ARGO favored… and wins!

8:17 “I’d like to fank Baba Bockolli.” And now, to the pub.

8:16 Best Song winner “Skyfall” in SKYFALL, predictably.

8:13 Okay, why did nobody mention Scarlett Johansson was nominated for singing a song?

8:10 Best Score… LIFE OF PI. I thought I had predicted KARENINA, but I had PI on my ballot. Score! (Literally!)

8:08 And… reminding us again that CHICAGO was a musical and still won Best Picture. Truly, this is the gay Superbowl.

8:01 Marvin Hamlisch tribute with Babs.

7:59 Getting old enough that I recognize the work of almost all these people.

7:54 Best Dead Person montage coming up. Read about the politics behind the tribute.

7:52 If I ever win a humanitarian award, I want it delivered by a choked-up Tom Hanks.

7:48 Set decoration… hard one to call. Winner, LINCOLN. Production design was super-authentic.

7:47 I won’t spoil Amour, but the movie itself is a spoiler for your own parents’ death.

7:45 More Best Pic nominee montages to give away the endings.

7:39 Adele is famous for not dancing or having showy production, just really good vocals. I guess she broke the rule about showy production.

7:38 I guess Twitter has a tweet limit. I’m locked out. No warning. Bullpucky.

And here are the Twitter posts…

makingthemovie 7:36pm via HootSuite
Adele singing the Best Song nominee that is favored to win, “Skyfall” … y’know from SKYFALL.

makingthemovie 7:35pm via HootSuite
Did Ben Affleck grow a beard to look more like George Clooney, or vice versa? #hollywoodchickenandegg

makingthemovie 7:34pm via HootSuite
Winner… William Goldenberg, ARGO. He also co-edited ZERO DARK. Great suspense and comic editing. Looking good for ARGO Best Pic.

makingthemovie 7:33pm via HootSuite
Zero Dark Thirty could also get a consolation prize…

makingthemovie 7:32pm via HootSuite
Editing… tough one to call. Lot of people think this will be an early tip-off for an ARGO Best Pic win.

makingthemovie 7:32pm via HootSuite
Sandra Bullock in a great dress shoos MacFarlane off the stage.

makingthemovie 7:29pm via HootSuite
Harvey just photobombed the Academy president.

makingthemovie 7:28pm via HootSuite
Dream a dream. RT @wafflesgirls: ANNE HATHAWAY WENT POLITICAL. here’s hoping her words help fix the socio-economic issues of 19th C France

makingthemovie 7:25pm via HootSuite
Snooze. Seriously, where is that Jaws theme when you need it?

TheFilmStage 7:20pm via TweetDeck
Still pulling for a 9-way tie for Best Picture #Oscars
Retweeted by makingthemovie

makingthemovie 7:23pm via HootSuite
Winner, Anne HathawayItoldja.

makingthemovie 7:23pm via HootSuite
Helen Hunt wins Best Pullquote. “He’s never seen female genitalia before and appears to be quite frightened of it.”

makingthemovie 7:22pm via HootSuite
But with Christophe Waltz winning, who knows?

makingthemovie 7:21pm via HootSuite
Anne Hathaway as close as we’ve got to a lock this year…

makingthemovie 7:21pm via HootSuite
Christopher Plummer simultaneously propositions all Best Supporting Actresses. #oscars

brianstelter 7:15pm via Web
A tie! First dramatic moment of the show. AND the first win for “Zero Dark Thirty.” 1 for 1 so far. Still betting on it for best picture…
Retweeted by makingthemovie

makingthemovie 7:19pm via HootSuite
SOUND OF MUSIC joke getting lots of laughs in this room. Wonder how that’s playing in the rest of America. #oscars

makingthemovie 7:19pm via HootSuite
The producers seriously over-estimated the comedy of playing people off with the Jaws music.

makingthemovie 7:18pm via HootSuite
I had LIFE OF PI for Sound Editing. Two chances and I still didn’t pick this one correctly.

makingthemovie 7:17pm via HootSuite
Second winner… Skyfall. Did the Academy do that on purpose just to spice up this category? #oscarconspiracytheory

makingthemovie 7:16pm via HootSuite
The guy with lipstick under his nose loves you.

makingthemovie 7:16pm via HootSuite
Is that even possible? I thought the new voting system precluded ties.

makingthemovie 7:15pm via HootSuite
Sound Editing… tie between Zero Dark and…

makingthemovie 7:15pm via HootSuite
Haha… everyone thinks Jews run Hollywood. Oh wait, tired old joke.

makingthemovie 7:12pm via HootSuite
Ted stars present sound mixing… LES MIS is probably favored, since musicals are often awarded in this category. And… it wins!

makingthemovie 7:10pm via HootSuite
Technical awards montage. What most people want them to do with the sound and short film awards.

micahmj11 6:59pm via Twitter for iPhone
If Spielberg wins best director for Lincoln and talks too long, will he get the Jaws treatment? #Oscars2013
Retweeted by makingthemovie

MissBrittHayes 7:05pm via Web
Things Tommy Lee Jones dislikes: Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell. Things Tommy Lee Jones likes: Jokes about grumpy Tommy Lee Jones, Les Mis.
Retweeted by makingthemovie

makingthemovie 7:09pm via HootSuite
Current STAR TREK stars. Another sop to mainstream films.

makingthemovie 7:08pm via HootSuite
THE COUNTERFEITERS was Austria’s other previous Best Foreign winner, in 2008. I stand corrected.

makingthemovie 7:05pm via HootSuite
@DaftLuva I stand corrected.

makingthemovie 7:05pm via HootSuite
Fact checked! Thanks. RT @DaftLuva: @makingthemovie Didnt win. Also, it was the German contribution

makingthemovie 7:04pm via HootSuite
If this doesn’t bring the Oscar crowd to their feet, then I don’t know Oscar crowds.

makingthemovie 7:03pm via HootSuite
Lots of cringes in the peanut gallery here… yay Russell Crowe!

makingthemovie 7:03pm via HootSuite
Eddie Redmayne still has that frog in his throat.

makingthemovie 7:02pm via HootSuite
Huge Ack-man. Doing the shitty new song composed just so they would eligible for a Best Song nomination.

makingthemovie 7:01pm via HootSuite
O man, I hope Russell Crowe sings live! #oscars

makingthemovie 7:00pm via HootSuite
She has the voice equivalent of a laser beam.

makingthemovie 6:59pm via HootSuite
Somebody cast Jennifer Hudson in a movie again! Stat! Best audition ever. #oscars

makingthemovie 6:58pm via HootSuite
Montage of DREAM GIRLS now. Random. I guess we have reached the portion of the program aimed at the musical-loving (read, gay) audience.

makingthemovie 6:56pm via HootSuite
Is she lip synching? Enquiring minds want to know?

makingthemovie 6:56pm via HootSuite
I believe this is the same choreography as the ‘Come Fly With Us’ sequence in that Fosse movie… what’s it’s name?

makingthemovie 6:54pm via HootSuite
Hey, remember when CHIGAGO won Best Picture even though it was a musical. It could happen guys! #oscars

makingthemovie 6:53pm via HootSuite
That explains why the orchestra keeps playing JAWS at the wrong time. They are isolated at the Capitol Building.

makingthemovie 6:52pm via HootSuite
“Thanks to my wife, you are the center of my life. And I would smother you with a pillow.” #oscars

makingthemovie 6:51pm via HootSuite
I think Haneke also has the other Austrian winner, for THE WHITE RIBBON.

makingthemovie 6:51pm via HootSuite
AMOUR favored for Best Foreign Film since also Best Picture nominee. And… Wins!

makingthemovie 6:50pm via HootSuite
Garner is dwarfing Chastain. Send in the apple boxes! #oscars

makingthemovie 6:49pm via HootSuite
Brad Pitt Chanel parody, or real ad?

makingthemovie 6:47pm via HootSuite
People in the room giving positive reviews to Seth Macfarlane. Think they liked the joke about the actors in Prometheus explaining the film.

makingthemovie 6:46pm via HootSuite
I bet in the actor categories they don’t play anyone off with JAWS music. #oscars

makingthemovie 6:45pm via HootSuite
Great story on the filmmaker’s persistence in making this film… look it up.

makingthemovie 6:44pm via HootSuite
Documentary… SEARCHING FOR SUGARMAN… favored and wins.

makingthemovie 6:43pm via HootSuite
Ben Affleck dig on Seth. Much love for him from audience, since he won DGA Director award but wasn’t even nommed by Academy.

makingthemovie 6:41pm via HootSuite
Bin Ladens. Will. Die. Zerodarkthirty!

makingthemovie 6:40pm via HootSuite
At least the LINCOLN montage ends on the shot the movie should have ended on. #oscars

makingthemovie 6:39pm via HootSuite
Disagree. RT @DanaBrunetti: As one who has made and produced short films, they shouldn’t be a part of the Oscar broadcast.

makingthemovie 6:38pm via HootSuite
More Best Picture montagery.

makingthemovie 6:38pm via HootSuite
That mic is WAY too low for Neeson… ‘scock.

makingthemovie 6:37pm via HootSuite
Support the arts, y’all. And cure homelessness and stuff. #oscars

makingthemovie 6:36pm via HootSuite
Innocente wins! Having trouble getting up the stairs in 8 inch heels.

makingthemovie 6:35pm via HootSuite
Best Doc Short… Open Heart favored.

makingthemovie 6:34pm via HootSuite
I’m being told this was the only American filmmaker nominated in the category.

makingthemovie 6:34pm via HootSuite
Winner, CURFEW. Dude up in the boxes… guess the seating chart planner didn’t expect him to win either.

makingthemovie 6:33pm via HootSuite
Best Live Action Short … Buzkashi favored.

makingthemovie 6:32pm via HootSuite
Kerry Washington needs to eat something.

makingthemovie 6:32pm via HootSuite
On my third glass of champagne here… still not improving Macfarlane thanking some producers I’ve never heard of.

makingthemovie 6:30pm via HootSuite
Oscar loser Tommy Lee Jones here to talk about Ameriprise financial.

pchidel 6:25pm via Twitter for iPhone
Um… That’s not Adele. #AcademyAwards

Retweeted by makingthemovie

makingthemovie 6:25pm via HootSuite
Goooold fin gah!

makingthemovie 6:24pm via HootSuite
If their goal was to point out how silly Bond movies can be, they have succeeded. #oscars

makingthemovie 6:23pm via HootSuite
Can’t they get the HD masters. Some of the clips are clearly taken from VHS.

makingthemovie 6:22pm via HootSuite
Tribute to James Bond. Another sop to mainstream movie audiences. #oscars

makingthemovie 6:21pm via HootSuite
These British ladies are in desperate fear of getting played off by that Jaws music.

makingthemovie 6:20pm via HootSuite
LES MIS wins for best makeup and hairstyling. And that was just for Hugh Jackman’s various hairstyles.

makingthemovie 6:19pm via HootSuite
LES MIS favored, but the Hobbits could take it.

makingthemovie 6:19pm via HootSuite
Winner… Jacqueline Durran, ANNA KARENINA. Could presage a win in Best Score, since the obscure movie also has a great score.

makingthemovie 6:18pm via HootSuite
Anna Karenina was picked by Deadline. Les Mis probably more favored because a more popular movie. This is a historically maverick category

PeterSHall 6:15pm via TweetDeck
Did they really kill the vfx winner’s mic? As if there was any doubt how little Hollywood thinks of vfx houses…
Retweeted by makingthemovie

makingthemovie 6:17pm via HootSuite
Jennifer Anniston with frizzy hair announcing hair and makeup.

makingthemovie 6:12pm via HootSuite
Getting played off by JAWS. Boo…

makingthemovie 6:11pm via HootSuite
Will any of them address the bankruptcy of their effects house Rhythm and Hues?

makingthemovie 6:11pm via HootSuite
Ang Lee knows how to do a catcall.

makingthemovie 6:10pm via HootSuite
VFX winner… LIFE OF PI! Tyger Tyger burning bright.

makingthemovie 6:08pm via HootSuite
Claudio Miranda – LIFE OF PI. This presages well for the other categories in which PI is nominated. (It’s a shoo-in for Vis Effects.)

makingthemovie 6:07pm via HootSuite
Tough category to call – Cinematography. A lot of people like SKYFALL.

makingthemovie 6:06pm via HootSuite
Would not have thought Sam Jackson was the tallest of this bunch.

makingthemovie 6:05pm via HootSuite
THE AVENGERS acknowledgement. The movie America DID see.

makingthemovie 6:05pm via HootSuite
Quuvenzhané looking four years older… lots of Macfarlane jokes.

makingthemovie 6:03pm via HootSuite
Montages of Best Picture nominees. Have to remember that most viewers of the telecast have not seen these movies.

pchidel 6:01pm via Twitter for iPhone
Of course it’s Pixar. A cowardly choice for best animated feature. Should have been Paranorman!! #oscars
Retweeted by makingthemovie

davechensky 6:01pm via Web
BRAVE wins for Best Animated Film, proving that when it comes to this category, The Academy sticks with what it knows best.
Retweeted by makingthemovie

Variety_JLD 6:01pm via Web
And the Academy Award for The One Animated Feature Most Voters Actually Saw This Year goes to BRAVE. #Oscars
Retweeted by makingthemovie

StaxIGN 6:00pm via Web
Frankenweenie just died. For the third time.
Retweeted by makingthemovie

makingthemovie 6:01pm via HootSuite
It was a fine movie, but I thought surely this year would not be PIXAR’s.

makingthemovie 6:00pm via HootSuite
Will they let Brenda Chapman speak? She was kicked off the film.

makingthemovie 6:00pm via HootSuite
Brave wins. Mark Andrews in a kilt.

makingthemovie 5:59pm via HootSuite
Best Animated feature… hard to call it but a lot of people here picked Wreck It Ralph.

makingthemovie 5:58pm via HootSuite
Paperman is the favored… Paperman wins.

makingthemovie 5:57pm via HootSuite
Bad choice for the music that Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy walk out to. Lame bit, but they are selling it.

makingthemovie 5:52pm via HootSuite
That was a wildly unexpected pick. This could be a crazy night!

ahedetoft 5:50pm via TweetDeck
It’s a B-I-N-G-O!
Retweeted by makingthemovie

makingthemovie 5:51pm via HootSuite
And the winner is… Christophe Waltz. Super surprise. He JUST won this same Oscar for INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS.

makingthemovie 5:49pm via HootSuite
I picked TLJ in my pool…

makingthemovie 5:48pm via HootSuite
TLJ and Robby D favored…

makingthemovie 5:48pm via HootSuite
First category – Best Supporting Actor. All previous winners.

makingthemovie 5:47pm via HootSuite
Funny sketch with Sally Field – Macfarlane is doing what he does with comedic timing and pop culture references. We’ll see how America likes

makingthemovie 5:45pm via HootSuite
Macfarlane is an authentic fan of the music of the 40’s and 50’s. And also inappropriate jokes.

makingthemovie 5:42pm via HootSuite
More dancing stars…

makingthemovie 5:42pm via HootSuite
FLIGHT with sock puppets… great moment when the rolling plane turns into a dryer.

makingthemovie 5:40pm via HootSuite
Charlize Theron looks like a taller Nicole Kidman.

makingthemovie 5:39pm via HootSuite
Funny song. All the ladies in the room enjoyed it – so maybe not as alienating as Shatner is asserting.

makingthemovie 5:38pm via HootSuite
“We Saw Your Boobs” song. Well, give the producers credit for being edgy.

makingthemovie 5:36pm via HootSuite
Shatner doing a Shatner impression.

makingthemovie 5:35pm via HootSuite
Where is the song and dance?

makingthemovie 5:35pm via HootSuite
Robert Downey Jr. was applauding the Chris Brown/Rihanna domestic violence joke.

makingthemovie 5:34pm via HootSuite
Day-Lewis likes the jokes about his method acting process.

makingthemovie 5:33pm via HootSuite
Emanuelle Riva looking good despite the stroke.

makingthemovie 5:33pm via HootSuite
Mean jokes… taking a page from Ricky Gervais.

makingthemovie 5:32pm via HootSuite
First joke immediately addresses the Ben Affleck snub.

makingthemovie 5:31pm via HootSuite
Here is where Seth Macfarlane proves his song-and-dance bona fides to people who don’t know him aka all of America.

makingthemovie 5:29pm via HootSuite
Bond movies, where he spends 99% of his time in other countries, being used to advertise Britain? Okay…

makingthemovie 5:23pm via HootSuite
Architectural Digest is sponsoring a green room? Okay…

makingthemovie 5:22pm via HootSuite
Is it a good tradition to interview the producers RIGHT before the show?

TheInSneider 5:08pm via Twitter for iPhone
Some bloggers don’t speak geek. I don’t do red carpet. Lots to snark abt but I’ll stick to the show over on Join me!
Retweeted by makingthemovie

bellawonder 5:11pm via Twitter for iPhone
Nicole Kidman is wearing the black oil from the X-Files

Retweeted by makingthemovie
makingthemovie 4:42pm via HootSuite
Ladies here like Naomi Watts’ dress. Also giving big ups to Helen Hunt for wearing H&M.

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