As an independent filmmaker, one of your biggest line items will be insurance. Unless you are going super-guerrilla, bandito-style no-permits, no-permission renegade (not recommended), you’re going to at least need some basic production insurance.

I’ve found that having insurance is a big deal when convincing locations to let you shoot there. (Knowing they are covered for a million dollars in damages does a lot to assuage a nervous restaurant owner, or your neighbor with the backyard pool.)

You’ll also need an insurance broker for the pesky “loss payee” and “additional insured” ACCORD forms that all the equipment rental places demand.

Jon Reiss recently sent out a call for recommendations on Twitter for production insurance companies for indie filmmakers and here are some responses…

For those keeping score, the companies recommended are:

    • C&S Insurance – I can’t find a good link
      Fractured Atlas – They provide Film Production and Equipment insurance, Errors and Omissions, Worker’s Comp, Accident, Travel and Health insurance geared to filmmakers
      DeWitt Stern Group – A large insurance company with a division that specializes in Entertainment and Media
  • I’ve been on productions that have used DeWitt Stern, Truman Van Dyke and Paramount. From what I understand, all the film insurance companies basically broker from the same source. (A reinsurance company?) The best thing is to have an insurance agent who is a) quick to respond and b) knows what a film needs and doesn’t need to cover with insurance.