I love to bring you short films that are not only entertaining, but for which the filmmakers have revealed some of the process behind their creation. As you can see — it can be done!

If you wanted a model for an effects-heavy short, it hardly gets better than “Monster Roll” — a teaser for the story of some sushi chefs fighting monster sea creatures, and those creatures getting sweet sweet revenge. Check it out, then watch some of the cool making-of features.

Here’s a story reel for a portion of the video. You almost have to pre-visualize to this level of detail for something so effects-heavy…

Here’s a VFX breakdown. You’ll see how good the lead actor was, reacting to things that weren’t there. Even in shots where there are no effects, still note what the color treatment does to the look of the movie.

I was surprised to see how many shots had camera shake added in post, but it makes sense. That way you can control the amount of shake.

As promised by the end title cards, writer/director Dan Blank is reportedly developing this concept into a feature. There is a Kickstarter campaign planned, but for right now you can learn more at monsterroll.com and Blank’s Vimeo page.

[via SlashFilm]