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The New Yorker: The Wachowskis’ World beyond “The Matrix” – The famously secretive Wachowski siblings open up on the set of Cloud Atlas.

Vulture: Did Terrence Malick or Stephenie Meyer Write It? – Funny quiz. Worth a laugh.

Business Insider: Destroyed by blogs, Variety to sell for $30 million – Via @ckrewson, who noted: “Less than TechCrunch sold for.” If you haven’t already, read the popular How I Would Remake Variety article.

Slate: Stephen Tobolwsky remembers shooting Sneakers

SlashFilm: Fox to Sell $15 Digital Downloads Ahead of DVD/Blu-ray and VOD Releases, Starting With ‘Prometheus’

No Film School: Zeiss Introduces New Anamorphics and a DSLR Lens at IBC

Cleaning Footage to the MAX – a practical guide for Denoising – Getting the noise out of night footage from Canon DSLRs

Den of Geek breaks down The Dark Knight scores

Lighting is a process of subtraction, not addition.