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The Bunker Hill Filmmakers Are Back with Jayhawkers

You may remember the indie movie The Battle of Bunker Hill, whose production was chronicled exclusively right here several years back. Perhaps you’ve wondered what the cast and crew have been up to?

Many of the same filmmakers took their next film, The Only Good Indian to Sundance. And now they have another in the pipeline, Jayhawkers, which tells the story of legendary college basketball coach Phog Allen and his greatest recruiting triumph, landing a young Wilt Chamberlain. Checkout their Kickstarter page, which explains in detail, or watch this nice promotional video.

It’s a great team and I know they’ll put out a quality film. I’ve already pledged my donation!

UPDATE 2 Aug 2012: Jayhawkers was successfully funded!

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  1. Thanks, John! And, there may be distribution news about The Battle for Bunker Hill soon…

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