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Avid Error of the Day: Exception: END_MEDIA_EDITS Video FAILED

When I encounter an odd error message and its solution, I make a note. This is one of those notes. Unless you are facing this error, just carry on reading the next post. These are not the droids you’re looking for…

Got this “END MEDIA EDITS” error trying to export a Quicktime, Same as Source. The phrasing made me think I had something wrong with my out point or a corrupt clip, but after reading this (fairly old) forum discussion, I figured out that the folder I had created and was trying to export to had some bad permissions. I trashed the folder at the Finder level, and still at the Finder level created a new folder. Same process in the Avid and it worked like a charm.

UPDATE: Jonny Elwyn didn’t have luck with these suggested fixes, but was able to avoid this error by using “Custom” export with ProRes (very bottom of page).

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  1. Thank you for explaining this, I was exporting to another machine’s public folder.

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