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Princess Scribe: The Great Divide – Great story of indie filmmaker vs. snooty Hollywood person. Never lose the love!

John Carter Trailer fan edit – I’ve heard of fans re-editing a movie… but not a trailer. [via @andrewstanton]

Down with Film: Sex in the Movies – A double-standard? A Navy SEAL rates movies about Navy SEALs for accuracy [via @PeterSHall]

LATimes: Who votes on the Academy Awards? [via @chriskrewson]

Malaika Mose’s slides on crowdfunding

Have you crowdfunded a film project? – Take the crowdfunding survey to see how your campaign compares to others

The six rules of modern movie poster design [via @kottke]

Filmmaking is the art of creating massive chaos to immortalize a tiny structured moment.

Timecode for Video – The importance of 23.976PsF.