Court Rules Meryl Streep Unable To Be Tried By Jury As She Has No Peers – The Onion at its finest.

FXGuide: Hugo: a study of modern inventive visual effects – Great article that breaks down the amazing ‘run through the walls’ shot

Film Courage: Wake Up, Sundance! – Stephen Moramarco has some advice for Sundance (and other film festivals)

‘Margaret’ Director Kenneth Longeran Talks To TIME about the #TeamMargaret Movement

“Technological change in Hollywood is chiefly the Majors cooperating while setting barriers to entry for outsiders.” – David Bordwell recounts how theaters went digital

TechCrunch: YouTube Analytics Slakes Your Thirst For Your Channel’s Viewing Stats

The curious history of the NC-17 rating – In honor of Shame, the Boston Globe looks back over famous X-rated, unrated and NC-17-rated films.

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Using YouTube: A Guide for Indie Filmmakers – added more information on monetizing videos