Digital Films: Documentary Editing Tips – As someone who produces and edits documentaries (for DVD bonus features), I greatly appreciated this comprehensive article about styles of documentary storytelling.

The Wrap: VOD Rides to the Rescue of Indie Film – Continuing update on the unexpectedly awesome performance of Margin Call on VOD. (It just won Best First Feature from the NY Film Critics Circle.) The article also notes that Lars von Trier-directed Melancholia has made more money from VOD than theaters.

Pro Video Coalition: Video Editing with Photoshop? – Forget about buying an editing program. If you just need to do basic editing, Photoshop will suffice.

PC World: How Digital Effects Gave The Muppets New Freedom – It’s not easy using a green screen with Kermit the Frog.

IFC News: Martin Scorsese considers shooting all his future movies in 3D – The praise for Scorsese’s (and Bob Richardson’s and Rob Legato’s and the rest of the visual team’s) use of 3D on Hugo is getting nearly deafening. I hope to write a post that will get into detail about “good 3D” and “bad 3D”. Until then, there’s always my notes from the 3D Film Festival.

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List of Film Collaboration Websites – Gave Boolaka another look. Couldn’t even make it past the log-in.