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Your Turkey Day Links: Reorganizing Your Life Around Filmmaking

Happy Thanksgiving!

My latest column for Mastering Film is up. It's a little dose of GTD for filmmakers: Reorganizing Your Life Around Filmmaking.

If you need some more efficiency tips, read Mark Frauenfelder on going into 'Robot Mode'.

Stu's HD Camera Roundup: Red Scarlet, Canon C300, and the Paradox of Choice

And... Action! LAPD Mistakes Student Film Shoot As Liquor Store Heist - A good learning lesson for young filmmakers: please let the police know if you're staging a robbery.

Roger Ebert, who has said he hates all 3D across the board, has an un-announced, un-heralded change of heart when he sees it used well in Martin Scorsese-directed Hugo. A critic's job should be to discern and articulate good and bad uses of 3D. Glad to see Ebert is finally doing his job with regard to 3D, but where's the mea culpa?

Watch: ‘Woody Allen: A Documentary’ - Now streaming free from PBS

The Umbrella Man, a 6 minute Errol Morris doc about the JFK assassination

Most of these links come from the @makingthemovie Twitter stream. If you'd like to get them as they come, throw us a follow.

Thanksgiving Movies Guide

HD Cameras Comparison - updated information on the Arri Alexa to mention the new firmware update

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