This handsomely-mounted B-movie turns the usual vampire tale upside down, imagining the struggle of vampires versus humans from the vampire’s perspective. After a prologue explaining how vampires are nearly extinct (nevermind the Malthusian proofs), and that a great leader prophesied his own rebirth hundreds of years hence, we meet the back-sassing Carmen (Martin Yurkovic) and his fag-hag friend Tracey (Dreama Walker). Little does Carmen know that he is the re-born King of the Vampires. He’s too busy debating the merits of the C-word. It’s Twilight meets Glee.

Carmen is stalked by two goth kids who eventually reveal themselves as the chosen warriors who will help him achieve his destiny. I say eventually, because they take their sweet time turning Carmen into a vampire.

Once he gains his supernatural powers, his first thoughts are on revenge. Bloody, gorey revenge. I can’t say that all his victims deserve it, but at least the movie has the good poor taste to show a rapist get his offending member unrooted and thrown against a wall. That’s a fair example of level of wittiness this movie rises (or sinks) to. The tongue is in the cheek, and my only wish is that it was more firmly-planted. Still, the team behind this shows great talent and admirably serves whatever queer-hero vampire camp niche that may exist. I suspect this movie is going to make some 14-year-old boys at drama camp laugh and cringe as much as I once did at movies like Jack Frost.

Vampirifica is currently playing at the LA Screamfest Horror Film Festival. More on the film’s website. This review is based on a DVD screener provided by Prism Media PR.