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An interview with the other filmmaker affected by the Comic Con Film Festival wrong discs diss is in progress. He actually had a great experience with Comic Con (other than them mis-returning his film). But if you’re looking for a unicorn chaser sooner, you can read FilmSnobbery’s defense of film festivals.

It’s not all roses and sunshine. In other news, some asshole smashed Lucas McNelly’s window and stole his stuff. For spending a year volunteering on other people’s films, you’d think McNelly would have some better karma, no pun intended. Good news is, even though his insurance left him high and dry, the indie filmmaking community pitched in and helped pay for the repairs.

My latest post for Mastering Film has been getting lots of positive feedback: The Pixar Method: Tricks of the Hit Machine. If you’d like to see me unload more of what I’ve discovered while researching the secrets to success of PIXAR and Disney, leave an encouraging comment or tweet.

WalMart’s jujitsu move against Netflix – I see the Vudu service is now iPad-ready as well. Expect be hearing a lot more about this. With Hulu fading fast, the holy trinity of streaming is shaping up to be Netflix, Amazon and Walmart. Maybe Netflix should diversify and start selling consumer goods.

SlashFilm: The Secret Origin of ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop:’ Extortion, a Lawsuit and a Dilettante? – I heard from one of the minions employed to create his art for him that Mr. Brainwash is portrayed accurately in the film, although his eccentricities are exaggerated. While he may not have the artistic rigor of his idols, he has all the chutzpah of a Dalí or a Warhol. Undeserving or not, his fame will probably outlast 99% of contemporary artists. There’s a lesson in here for filmmakers.


Synechdoche, New York Explained – new theory of the film in the comments

Interview with Indie 3D Pioneer Jesse Blanchard – added new info on his post process and photo of the free 3D glasses