I’m nursing a terrible hangover. Dazed, I walk out into my living room to find my buddy Vietnamese Fred half-naked, passed out on my cream porno couch, hands covering his face as if subconsciously regretting actions from the crude and dark night previous.

“Do you still want to smoke pot and go to the zoo?” he asks me, eyes bloodshot and glazed-over as he comes to.

“I have something else in mind, bro.”

Avoiding having to move at all for the next few hours, I put on my screener of the documentary The Weird World of Blowfly. Is the coffee brewing? Check. Oh hey now, the lettering is funky. Clearly taken from the Super Fly movie, which if you haven’t seen, see. Ron O’Neal plays Priest, a cocaine dealer trying to get out of the game in the early ’70s. With the music by Curtis Mayfield, who could ask for anything better?

“Is this [Documentary] real or a fake?” Fred asks.


I’ll have to write something on the film and I want to see his response after giving him a false idea of what we’re seeing.

What continued to conspire over the course of 89 minutes instilled such a terrible fear of growing old that all of my heartwarming experiences at the elderly folks home now amount to very little.

The Weird World of Blowfly is the tale of Clarence Reid, a funk/soul R&B producer whose alter ego is the one-and-only scatological gonzo superhero rapper Blowfly. We follow Blowfly and his band as he tours into his late 70’s. His hardships include five-minute-long sequences involving him eating McDonalds, awkward live performances, a conversation with his mother about god, and produced-feeling altercations between band members. No real conflict is built up, no bomb is dropped in the second act, and we gain little concrete insight into his past to associate our feelings to.

The film ends, and I’m not that glad that Blowfly and his Manager/Drummer Greg Bell decide to be friends. It is never easy to tear apart a film. All films take a considerable amount of work, sweat, and tears. This film was about as inactive as Blowfly’s bowel movements.

“Wait, so was that fake or not?”

“Dunno, Fred, let’s go ask the kangaroos.”

–Jeff P

* * *

The Weird World of Blowfly opens in Los Angeles Sept 23rd at the Sunset 5. You can check out the trailer and other promotional materials on the website for the film.

Jeff P. is a filmmaker and a writer for the website TastesFunny.net.

Images courtesy Special Theory Films, LLC