Thanks for bearing with me on the light posting. I’ve been slammed at work and also travelling. Of course, if you’ve been following @makingthemovie on Twitter, you’ve still been getting plenty of interesting links. Here are some of my favorites from the last week…

Free TV static and video noise stock footage – In 1080p and 720p no less. This is great stuff that you would normally pay a lot for from a stock footage company, so even though it’s free, if you download I strongly urge you to donate a few bucks to these guys.

IndieWire: Three Unmade Kubrick Films In Active Development; Lunatic at Large Close to FinancingA.I. may not be the last posthumous Kubrick film produced by a longshot. You can actually read the script for Kubrick’s epic never-made Napoleon movie.

Den of Geek: The surprise movie hits of 2011 – Great article that takes into a account how much was spent on a movie as well as how much it made at the box office. Every article on box office champions should take this into account, but that’s a rant for another day.

Cars merchandise sales were estimated at $10B, 51% more than the gross of all 11 Pixar movies combined.” – You wonder why Cars 2 was made?

Salon: Why Hollywood keeps white-washing the past – Matt Zoller Seitz spoils The Help

GigaOm: What happens if your web series doesn’t hit it big? – What do you do if you don’t break out like The Guild did?

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